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License audit for software: EOMI reliably gets you through your audit

Performing a software license audit comes at a price - and poses risks

Avoid high costs in case of underlicensing during your software audit! If underlicensing is detected during a software license audit, it can quickly lead to high costs as companies have to pay fees for illegal uses of computer software.

Prevent the risk of underlicensing with support from EOMI. Our team of experts provides a vendor-neutral and cost-effective review of your software license inventory to uncover and address any shortfalls before it’s too late.

Stay protected from unannounced software licensing audits with regular reviews

Do you fear cost explosions due to incorrect software licensing in the event of an audit by the manufacturer?

Optimize your software licensing with used software from EOMI – Eliminate under-licensing in your Microsoft and Adobe software inventory quickly and cost-effectively.

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With EOMI you navigate safely through the licensing jungle.

With the constant changes in the company, it is difficult to always keep track of software licenses.

We offer support in organizing the licensing chaos and help you always stay in line with licensing regulations.

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